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Art y Honey Gallery and Emily Cate Sabree are thrilled to present 'Summer Saudade,' an online exhibition to open July 2023.


Bringing together a group of contemporary artists exploring duality in their work, this show features a diverse range of paintings, photography, mixed media work, and prints.


Curated by Emily Cate Sabree, this exhibition celebrates Saudade: experienced simultaneously as happy and sad with both feelings of longing and appreciation for the memories that remain.

Julia Forrest, Anna Gryglak, Elisabeth Handelsby, Joseph Kaminski, Ia Llamozas, Summer McCroskey, Olivia Misciagna, Juliana Naufel, Verona Penalba, Manon Raman, Alfred Rosenbluth, Michelle Schultz, D. Tai Tai, Alison Turner, Samantha Wood, Jessica Ziegler

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